Project Management

We offer the full range of services necessary at the early stages of any project implementation. It is common practice that before the Feasibility Study works, there are to be performed works for Scoping Study and Pre-Feasibility Study stages, allowing for decision making on the scope of works.

Once the scope of work is defined, we then provide a complex of necessary field works, test procedures and laboratory studies necessary for the initial data collection.

The first stage is a stage of consulting at which the Client shall be provided with the professional services in the field of project financing. This stage shall help the Client to define financing for the project.

Collecting of initial data for any objects construction or reconstruction includes: land plot reserving, feasibility Study for the land plot selection, technical specifications for connection to utility lines etc. Prior the design works for the future facility it is necessary to collect the initial data. The data shall be the bases for design works and approval of the project documentation. The list of initial data for each facility is always special. The survey works include a whole complex of various studies carried out on the land plot of the future construction site. The main task of the survey works is to receive reliable information about the facility that shall be used for design and preparation of construction  documents. Our company provides survey works of geodetic support for construction and installation. Our highly skilled geodesists having excellent background and solid experience render the best quality services. 

First of all success of investment and construction project depends on the quality of the management organization.

Engineering of complex process projects requires competence at several quite special fields of knowledge: design, engineering and civil engineering, geology, material sciences, reliability of building structures, and also competence at juridical and economical issues.

The global development of a project since the moment of the idea generation, elaborating of project documents up to construction works and the ready object commissioning is the process requiring participation of a great number of specialists in different fields yet working at the single team.


GDS is a team of highly qualified professionals, with good history of a great number of successfully implemented large-scale projects of different types. Our specialists undertake all the obligations related to elaborating of a project, the whole complex of necessary researches, expertizes, state control, to bring the facility to industrial safety and environment protection requirements.

Our competence also includes organizing and management of construction and installation works, selection and supply of construction materials and processing equipment, conclusion of agreements and closing of deals.

Project management is usually trusted to a Project group that includes: a head of the project group and a deputy head for construction, civil architects, geodesists, construction engineers, process engineers, power engineers, safety specialists and environment protection specialists, lawyers and economists.

GDS performs a great deal of work within investment and construction project through the efforts of its staff and engaging experts. Occasionally we invite our partner organizations who have diverse knowledge base.

The company interacts with its Client on the basis of international standards in project management (EPCM/ EPC). For us it is also possible to interact according to schedule: Technical Customer, General Designer, Principal Contractor, technical supervision (construction supervision services). The way we shall interact within a project depends on the Client’s preferences, strategic vision and prospects.